Centerline’s Dispatch Module directs incoming and outgoing traffic efficiently and follows the status of all your rolling stock and on-road personnel, providing for improved control and visibility of your trucking operations. Your Dispatcher will know the location of your assets (trucks and trailers) at all times, their load status, their availability and their usage, enabling tight control of your resources.  With a few mouse clicks, a dispatcher creates trips (a route for pick-ups and/or deliveries) by combining resources (drivers, trucks and trailers) and then assigns orders to the trip by simply dragging and dropping orders from the pick-up board. Illustrated magnifying glass looking at a truck

The user interface in the dispatch module is very flexible and highly customizable to meet the needs of any operation and the personal preferences of the dispatchers themselves. Dispatchers have visibility of all outstanding orders that require a pick-up or a delivery. Using powerful filtering capabilities of the Centerline software, dispatchers can limit views to only those orders that are of interest, reducing screen clutter, eliminating errors and allowing for efficient scheduling of freight orders.

Centerline’s Dispatch module contains tools to ensure assets are being used productively. Action Level indication, in conjunction with mobile computing technology automatically tells dispatchers which trips need their attention. It allows dispatcher to identify drivers who are idle as well as those who will soon be idle based on the work assigned to their itinerary. Action level indication helps improve dispatcher productivity which in turn improves driver productivity and asset utilization.


Centerline Mobile Trucking Solutions

The Dispatch Module is most effective when updated with real-time data from trucks on the road, using Centerline Mobile.  Real-time data can be collected from a driver’s mobile device and can also be used with mapping and routing software for added efficiency.  Centerline Mobile extends business critical information to drivers in the field, streamlining the dispatch process, and eliminating manual paperwork and administrative tasks for the drivers.  Android devices empower drivers, much like PC’s empower your office workers, enabling them to open and close orders, scan barcodes, take pictures for OS&D claims, send messages and capture signatures, all from a single device.  Cogs with TMS modules written on them

Using GPS and wireless cellular networks, dispatchers can monitor the location of the fleet throughout the day in real-time and transmit important data such as new pick-ups or schedule changes, effortlessly.  With the option to communicate using cellular networks, LTL carriers can benefit from Centerline Mobile, for only a fraction of the cost of traditional satellite-only systems. 

Centerline Mobile keeps dispatchers aware of their fleet’s location so that they can assign unplanned orders to the unit that can respond quickest and at the lowest cost. GPS location information is also used to ensure a high degree of driver productivity and performance. Furthermore, Centerline Mobile provides real time updates to freight tracking data through the Web Portal.

A detailed trip itinerary is sent out to the mobile device from Centerline using any cellular wireless network. GPS location data is captured regularly and key driver activities are recorded with date and time stamps which are immediately transmitted to Centerline. The end result is that dispatchers know the exact location of a truck, and they are immediately aware of completed driver activities. Waiting times and their associated cause are recorded to better understand and manage the dynamics of the business. Centerline Mobile gives a trucking firm the real time visibility and operational control they need to compete in today’s trucking market.  

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Moreover, drivers can capture pro bill numbers, consignee information and accurate details of the freight (qty, weight, commodity type etc.) at pick-up time which allows cross-dock staff and planners the visibility to efficiently plan the outbound delivery routes and resources long before the freight actually arrives at the cross dock.  The use of optional barcode scanning and imaging can further drive operational improvements by eliminating data entry errors and by reducing data entry time. This type of added visibility and information accuracy enables Centerline to squeeze out the unnecessary waste and its associated costs from the trucking operations.

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