Order Entry and Customer Service

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Centerline’s Order Entry module is designed for efficiency and accuracy in your Customer Service operation.  The Order Entry module of the Ceterline software includes customer profiles which contain key customer information to minimize data entry and errors. The specific details of the pick-up request (type of freight, # of pallets, weight, dimensions etc.) are captured in the Order Entry module for freight shipments, along with any special instructions. Order entry can be done in a matter of seconds with the input of just a few key fields. More information can be captured at order entry to avoid added data entry later, streamlining your shipping operations.

Rate Quotes - The order entry module also allows customer service reps to provide rate quotes. These quotations reference Centerline’s rate tables and produce quotes based on a variety user definable set of measures such as freight type and quantity and/or distance from origin to destination plus many more. Quotations are assigned unique numbers which are used to reference the quote when the customer actually places the order.

EDI Order Entry - In addition to call-in orders, the Centerline also supports the receipt and processing of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) messages allowing the shipper and the carrier to eliminate the costs associated with manual order placing and manual order taking through transportation systems.

Web Portal - Centerline’s Customer Web Portal provides a number of Internet-accessible functions to improve customer service and reduce the workload on your Customer Service people.  Check the details in the Web Portal section.

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