Determining what to charge for the movement of freight between two locations is a huge issue for most transportation companies. Inaccuracy in freight rates and other associated charges can cause disputes resulting in high day’s payables and lost revenue.

Centerline’s powerful rating engine allows carriers to assign default freight rate tables to a customer’s profile or to create custom rate tables for each customer or groups of customers.  Either way, the rate tables capture the rates charged for the movement of freight between two locations.

The rating engine is highly flexible allowing a carrier to define freight rates that make sense for their business using units of measure that are user defined for both the freight itself (size and weight etc.) and the transport (per mile/km, per region, between zip codes/postal codes, between cities etc).

Centerline’s rating engine handles even the most unique rating requirements like commodity line item rating (e.g. per seat, per ottoman, per chair etc.), cube rating, zone-piece rating (for courier) and deficit rating. 

Centerline allows carriers to achieve over 95% auto-rating. Cycle down rating algorithms in the engine result in the optimal rate without any human intervention. This means that billing clerks no longer have to carefully review all orders to ensure accurate freight billing rather they need only review those that are identified by the system as exception. The end result is a more efficient and accurate billing process which ultimately reduces day’s payable and customer complaints.

Key features of Centerline rating include:  A marble on a multi-path road

  • Manual or automated Approve, Process and Post
  • Rate Quotes with history
  • Dynamic effective dates and freight rate history
  • Industry published, internal, Carrier, Driver, Customer rates
  • Multi – tiered, deficit, lane, cube, flat, per mile, % revenue splits
  • Ancillary / Assessorial / Surcharges
  • System wide or customer specific FSC
  • Freight class differentiation
  • Declared value


Centerline also provides a very efficient and accurate methodology to process transactions handled by outside carriers whether they are simple Agents or Interline Partners.  Manage these complex transaction with ease even when 2 or 3 carriers are involved moving the freight.

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